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Website Re-Design

Website re-design is about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business.

In 2020, your website is probably the most important asset for your business. It can be said to be the portal for your business leads and conversions. Your website needs to be fast, easy to use and provide 24/7 information otherwise you will lose more leads as time goes.
Just consider that if you as a user have a bad experience during their navigation on your website, will you consider to purchase their product or services. According to statistics, around 88% user bounce back to Search Engine Results Page(SERP) if they have any single bad experience. The well-known leaders in this industry believes that a well-interface website along with good marketing strategy can increase their conversion rate to 300%. So, if your website is not up-to the standards of the users, then it is time that you need a website re-design.

It’s very simple logic, a well interface website may look simple but what matters most is the functionality of the website. IT Traders Nepal is a website re-design company with 15 years of experience in Web Design and Development industry. Knowing the user behavior, and expectations of every website user, we guarantee a high performing, secured, user-friendly website from the previous website.

Website Re-Design Features:

The industry is all about what device the website user is using. The device may be Desktop, tab, smartphone, your website needs to be prepared for all types of resolution. With IT Traders Nepal, we provide re-design services which is responsive in every device there is. With responsive design, you need not to worry about what device the user is using.

CMS Integration
Having trouble with updating content in your static website. Don’t worry, we can easily integrate popular Content Management system with our existing products to make it a dynamic content. You don’t have worry about having knowledge of coding just for updating a piece of content in the website. We usually integrate CMS such as wordpress, laravel and CI based CMS.

Landing Page Re-Design
Landing page is the gateway to leads and conversions. So what works better and what doesn’t for your landing page? We know and we can help you with consultation of effective landing page re-design and optimization so that you can start competing in this competitive market. Contact us if you are in need of consultation on landing page re-design.

Content Writing
Having a great piece of content can change the way how website visitors view your business. IT Traders Nepal also provide professional content writing for your business. Trust that these content are written by professionals, optimized by SEO experts. Every piece of content will align with your business, your vision, your goals and your marketing strategy campaigns.

Other Website Re-Design Services
Other than above services, IT Traders Nepal also provide various re-design services such as addition of functionality in existing website, database integration, and also Search Engine Optimization. We believe in providing quality services rather than quantity. You can believe that there will be no hidden fees since we provide the customers with transparent pricing.

Why Re-Design to existing website?

There are many reasons why your existing website need re-design. Here are a few reasons why:

Strengthening the Brand
A well design website can change the perspective of website visitors. If existing website design doesn’t meet the standards, then re-designing is the best way to strengthen your brand image.
Instead of focusing on heavy marketing campaigns, you should focus on the way your website looks at the very beginning.

Generation of More Leads
Every business strives to change visitors into conversions. But is it possible if the existing website is not up to the par. Only visitors consider a possibility of purchasing your products or services if they are satisfied with the initial performance of the website such as speed, the way it looks and more.

Boost Professionalism
At IT Traders Nepal, we strives to bring out the best in your graphic appearance, functionality, loading speed, how users navigate and overall credibility of the website. With our re-design services, we will bring your business in to the market of competition whether it is among the appearance, or speed or functionality of the website.
With our expertise, we will help your website generate such impacts that visitors will want to consider purchasing your products or services.

Contact us if you are in need of re-design services.