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Terms and Condions

Some of the terms and conditions needs to be strickly followed by client

1) All cost estimation or quotation are based on our knowledge of the requirements and as per the given time-frame. Alteration or addition of functionality including improvements or any changes in design may attract additional costs accordingly. Please make sure and clarify our understanding about your requirement in a face to face meeting or by email.

2) Meaning of accepting a quote by client is acceptance of terms and conditions of IT Traders Nepal. Acceptance can be by email, payment of Initiation, signing a quotation.

3) Initially clients must provide IT Traders Nepal with a clear guideline along with the flow or specific details they may require. At the point when these details are not given, we will workd as our understanding of the requirements and quote accordingly. Client needs to ensure that all the requirements in the proposal/quotation/estimate are included and that we fully understand their requirements.

4) Any special requirement regarding to any task, must be informed in advance and it must be mentioned clearly in the proposal for costing purposes. We work with the good faith and rely on clients to include the full specification at the time of quotation. Any discrepancy or any differences arising due to unclear requirements will not be borne by IT Traders Nepal.

5) Any delays from the client’s end may delay the proposed project timeframe and may attract additional costs.

6) If any bugs or any programming error reported during or just after the development does not attract additional charges.

7) Any re-work on an already completed task will attract additional charges. Any changes in the design after the design approval will attract additional charges. Additional charges needs to be paid according to the nature of work to be done.

8) Any modifications requested during the development or after the Go-Live approval will attract additional charges. Any additional work, over and above the quotation or estimation is charged separately. Under no circumstances IT Traders Nepal will be liable for any delays caused by the change in the project specificatiion.

9) Website content and all related materials like text, pictures, videos, and social media links need to be provided to us within the development period.

10) Our websites/applications are generally tested on PCs and include near recent versions of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome & Safari.

11) Responsive/multi-device compatible web pages are tested on a few androids and iPhone mobiles, tablets and laptops. If you require testing to be done on any other devices, please let us know in advance.

12) Website code provided by IT Traders Nepal is copyrights of IT Traders Nepal. The codes can be handed once all previous invoices are cleared, on the condition that the codes are used only for use, modification or re-use for further development, of the same website. Under no circumstance, the code will be allowed to be used for re-selling or duplication purposes.

13) CMS of any website provided by IT Traders Nepal is the property of IT Traders Nepal. IT Traders Nepal owns copyrights of all codes written for any client. IT Traders Nepal allows using any custom built CMS for the client, for their use only.

14) According to required features, there may be 3rd party components such as Payment Gateways or SSL certificates involved in building a website/application. Although IT Traders Nepal does its best in recognizing the suitability of any such component, any unforeseen limitations of 3rd party components are beyond our control and we will not be responsible if any problem arrised due to thrid party plugins or components. Purchase cost of any third part plugins or components (such as SSL, Payment gateway, Plug-in licenses, Theme etc.) are not included in our quotes.

15) IT Traders Nepal takes no responsibility for any open source products such as WordPress, Open Source carts, Joomla, CK Editor etc. It is the client’s responsibility to update all components and third party software. We recommend all our clients to take regular back-ups to avoid disruptions.

16) The client must recognize that there may be unforeseen circumstances that will delay the development process, particularly regarding the integration of third-party software. We will try our best to complete the website or any project as agreed in the proposal. Client will not penalize us for any genuine delay, when every effort to complete the project on the proposed schedule.

17) Domain registration/renewal etc charges are not included as a part of any project/proposal unless mentioned otherwise. If required, a quote will be submitted separately and approved by the client.

18) Hosting charges are not included in the quotation unless mentioned otherwise. IT Traders Nepal can organize an appropriate web hosting, domain hosting or email hosting if required; on client's request a quotation will be submitted separately. Where clients decide to organize their hosting, we should be consulted before finalizing the type of hosting and database, as it should meet the requirements of the technology used for the development. Please note that we’ll require full access to hosting support for testing and deploying the website/application. We will not be liable for any delays or errors caused by the direct or indirect actions of the third party hosting company.

19) In any payment delay, IT Traders Nepal has authority to offline website.

20) IT Traders Nepal generally builds and tests the websites/applications on our servers or hosted domains. We cannot give access to our servers and test websites to our clients or any client's vender. The website can be transferred or make online after full payment of all invoices and dues.

21) All communications/correspondences are generally done via emails. It is the client’s responsibility to be updated with their email addresses.

22) Any WordPress website provided by IT Traders Nepal is theme based, it can be free or GPL licensed. Design and colors may be same as other website. IT Traders Nepal has authority to distribute or sell the design.

23) After making online or handover of WordPress website, it is client’s responsibility to update or maintain website. Under no circumstances IT Traders Nepal is responsible for any error. Before taking handover the code or making your WordPress website live please make sure that website is working properly and all your requirements are fulfilled as mentioned in quotation or agreement.