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Promotion is one of 4 P’s of Marketing and is the process of presenting your product or services to the right audience. The main goal of any marketing is to influence your audience and customer in buying your product or services. In order to influence the purchase of your product or services, different strategies of promotion are used by various businesses.

Why Promotional Marketing

What we provide

  1. Social Media Promotion
  2. Google Ads
  3. Lead Generation

Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion is one of the most powerful promotion platforms in 2020. It is all about creating and sharing content about your product and services on social media channels. In order to achieve your marketing goals, social media promotion plays a vital role.

Especially Paid Social Media promotion is also one of the powerful strategies that are used by powerful brands in their digital marketing campaigns. Paid Promotion on these social networks can help grow your brand image and identity. Many businesses don’t like the fact that organic leads are hard to come by during your social media promotion.

IT Traders Nepal provides all types of Social media promotion, organic as well as paid promotion.

Facebook Promotion

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the whole world. The ROI of Facebook highly depends on the optimized content that is shared on this platform. The Facebook Promotion is purely based on the consistent sharing of content of either products or services in the form of images and videos. During Facebook Promotion, the content must arouse the interest of the targeted audience.

Some strategies to arouse the audience's interest are sharing new offers, new product arrivals, and the latest trends. IT Traders Nepal consists of a team of professional social Media Specialists who are dedicated to Facebook Ad Creation, producing creative Facebook content.

Instagram Promotion

Instagram is also one of the most popular social media channels in the world. In just 10 years of establishment, Instagram sees more than 1 billion monthly users and 500 million Daily stories on Instagram. Instagram is the perfect channel to promote your product and services with images and videos.

Around 90% of users on Instagram follow at least one business and around 83% of users found out about new products through Instagram. So if you are ready to promote your products or services, Instagram is one of the best platforms.

TikTok Promotion

Tiktok can be a great platform to promote your business. TikTok is the best platform in 2020 to share your content in Visual forms. Due to their peculiar effects and background music to the videos, Businesses can easily promote their brand through TikTok.

TikTok provides different kinds of ads products.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the advertising platforms created by Google. Google provides platforms for various business owners to advertise their products in various forms such as text, videos, Images, shopping ads and more.

Around 73 % of the paid search actually belongs to Google and that’s why it is a great platform to display your advertisements. The main reason why you need to choose Google Ads is that Adwords works way faster than SEO since they show about your products or services on top of Search Engine Result Pages.

IT Traders Nepal led a team of professional Promotion specialists who can provide quality work in terms of Social Media, Google Ads and more.

Contact us if you are interested in hiring professional help for your promotion campaigns.

Lead Generation

In digital marketing, Lead Generation is the process of attracting customers with their interest and enquiry. The interest and enquiries can be related to your business product or services. It is basically conversion of any customers with an interest to your brands. Lead Generation is a very important part of your inbound Marketing campaign. The process of converting the interested customers is very crucial part of any Brands. IT Traders Nepal consists of a team with high experience in Lead Generation. You can easily send quotes for Lead Generation consultation.

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