How to get free hosting in Nepal?

How to get free hosting in Nepal?

How to get free hosting in Nepal?

Creating a best looking website is not sufficient. Choosing the best domain and web hosting for a website is difficult, choosing free is more difficult. It could be difficult for the owner of a website from non-technical background. We are here to make your job easy so that you can get a free domain and hosting quickly.

How to get free domain and hosting in Nepal?

Mercantile Communication is providing free domain in Nepal. Buy signing up and providing documents with request cover letter you can easily get free domain. To get free hosting, some companies provides free hosting. By simply registration and following their terms and condition anybody can use their free hosting services.

As we all know domain registration is the first work to be done for any website. A question may arise about how to get a new domain in Nepal, it will best if it is free, isn’t it? Here is the solution for you.

How to get a free domain in Nepal?

Including best website design, we will get you a free .np domain for Nepali citizens and any kind of business or organization.

.np cover letter format

What are the documents required for registration?

That’s all you need to do. You will get free .np domain within two working days. Please submit your working email and mobile number. They will contact you if any document is missing or any detail you missed.

How to get free hosting in Nepal?

Some hosting providing companies provides free hosting in Nepal and all over the world. First of all you need to signup with correct details. You will get the email that contain link, you have to click the link to confirm the registration. Some of the free hosting providers are,,, and etc.

Here is some of the free webhosting provider with features:

These are some of the best free web hosting services available. There are other free hosting services but we listed some of them including their features. You have to note that these free web hosting may have many disadvantages. They may include advertise, some free hosting doesn’t allow to transfer your file to another server, they include constraints and policies.

Besides all, IT Traders Nepal provides premium web hosting for free of cost to non-profit organizations like NGOs, INGO and other organizations that are working for the social cause. Any non-profit organizations can contact us for free web hosting in Nepal. Not only domain registration and hosting service provider IT Traders Nepal is the Best Web Design Company in Nepal

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