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Domain Registration

A domain is an address where your website is accessible to all internet users. A domain is a very important part of any business website. Having a domain gives you the rights to be accessed by users all over the world. In order for you to use it, one must register a domain name. Only after successful registration, one can truly use a domain name and its various features. And know that the same domain name cannot be registered with two different websites.

IT Traders Nepal provides professional domain registration service. This service includes search and official registration of any domain. We provide various other services related to Domain registration such as booking, DNS Pointing, renewal and more.


Search and Registration of Names
Easy Search for your desired domain names and official registration of a domain for your business.

Consultation on Domain Names for Your Business
With 15 years of experience, we are professionals. We provide consultation on types of domain names and web hosting services as per the scale of your business.

Affordable Web Hosting
Web hosting is a must after domain registration but the web hosting must be set up as per your business scales. IT Traders Nepal provides affordable web hosting services. See More: Web Hosting in Nepal.

Available for Small to Large Scale Businesses
The website has become an essential part of any business in this age. Be it be small or large scale business, IT Traders Nepal provide domain registration services.

Choice of Extensions
We offer the registration of domain names with a verity of extensions like .com, .net, .org, .edu, .store and many more in Kathmandu and as well as all over the country.

Advantages of Choosing IT Traders Nepal

With 15 years of experience in web design and web development, IT Traders Nepal is a team of professionals solely focused on providing quality services to our clients. We want our clients to be satisfied with the services that is provided to the customers.

So why choose us for domain registration

You may not know but domain name plays an important role in any digital marketing campaigns and branding.

Having a great Domain name can actually attract the attention of a large number of users. Such domain names help to relay your brand message in an effective way. A good domain name can alleviate your brand image and what your brand has to offer in terms of products or services.

“A First impression is the last impression”. The same is relatable to domain names. That’s the first impression of any internet user for your brand. A good name is a gateway to great branding. With tens of millions of brands in the market, it is very difficult for any brand to stand out among tens of thousands of businesses around you. A good domain name can actually help out your brands to stand out among the crowds and make your presence known to the right audience and market.

IT Traders Nepal understands the actual value of Domain names for any Digital marketing strategy, especially SEO. A good and relatable domain name can actually help Google crawl your website smoothly. Making your domain memorable can alleviate the brand position. With short and memorable domain names helps in word-of-mouth marketing because those visitors will need to visit your domain directly, but it also matters for processing fluency.