Web Hosting

If you own a business and want to start your digital journey, building a creative website is a must. The website must be unique, creative and most all must describe your business. Web hosting is no longer an option in your Digital Journey. In order to be discovered via the online web, Domain Registration and Web Hosting is a very important process.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a kind of service that allows one to gain access to publishing their website on the Internet. It can make your website either personal or business or eCommerce accessible to everyone on the Internet via the World Wide Web. After Domain registration is successful, web hosting service provider allocate certain spaces on the server to store your files, images, videos and information on the website. Everything you published on the website can be accessed by anyone who has access to the World Wide Web.

Every Website must be uploaded, stored in services which is only accessible to the Web hosting provider. But you must know that you will be required to own Domain in order to host with them.

There are many web hosting provider in Nepal. But the question is which is the best web hosting provider in Nepal? What services they offer? IT Traders Nepal is a best web hosting service provider in Nepal. We offer unlimited amount of data transfer, storage and email for your website.

Some features are listed below:


 Since you are required to own a domain. A web hosting provider will provide features where you create an email based on your own domain name. eg [email protected]. Know that is customizable. 

FTP Access

 Generally known as the File Transfer Protocol, FTP allows one to transfer files from any electronic device to the World Wide web. IT Traders Nepal provides FTP access to your web hosting space. With FTP access you can easily upload, download, edit and delete any kind of information in your web hosting space. For example, you have a website that is built on HTML, you will need to transfer the HTML file to your webspace. Only after that, you can view your HTML content on the World Wide Web.

CMS Support 

CMS(Content Management System) is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. CMS is used to create, edit or delete content of your website. We provide hosting services that will support the one click installation of different powerful CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Best Web Hosting Plans and Pricing

IT Traders Nepal is a best web hosting provider in Nepal. We provide various plans as per our client’s requirements and needs. Some of our Web Hosting Plans are:

Blazing Fast SSD

 It is one of the most affordable web hosting plans. Blazing fast SSP Web hosting provides 1 domain, Free SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth per month. It is applicable to all plans in Blazing Fast SSP plans. Other features vary from another. The pros of Blazing Fast is that it is very affordable.

Unlimited SSD 

 Our Unlimited SSD plans is one of the best web hosting plans. We provide a free .com domain and SSL certificate with this plan. Other features vary from each other. You will have no problem deciding which domain registration service provider to use. With his plan you need not be worried.

Cheap Shared

 With unlimited Bandwidth per month, the Cheap Shared Web Hosting plan is also one of the most feasible plans if you are considering affordable plans. The webspace varies from 2 GB to unlimited space if every plan.

Ultra Fast

 One of the most luxurious features of IT Traders Nepal Web hosting is ULTRA Fast Web Hosting. The features include unlimited Bandwidth, Disk Space, and Free SSL Certification. With this package, you don’t need to be worried for years. Our WP Starter Package is the best option if you are planning to develop your website with WordPress CMS.

Note: visit link for Best Web Hosting Plan in Nepal

Which Hosting is Best for Website?

Question may arrise in your mind, which is the best hosting for website or which is best web hosting in Nepal? If you have low budget or you have a personal website you do not want to invest more or donot want to invest more money you can go with "Blazing Fast SSD Web Hosting". If you have a website or planning to have website used for non commercial purpose, you may go with "Cheap Shared Hosting".

If you have website or planning to have website for your office, business, NGO, INGO or website used for commercial purpose like e-commerce website, best hosting option for your website will be "Unlimited SSD Web Hosting" or "Ultra Fast Web Hosting".

Do you have any problem regarding choosing best web hosting for your website? Need more detailed information? You can view our Web Hosting Price and Plan. Or you can easily contact us through [email protected] and you can also request quotes from our Contact Page.